1. Stay on Topic.

Afroshok is dedicated to the Urbanising ICT flavoured experiences, ideas, solutions and culture from East Africa, for Africa.

2. English and Kiswahili Only.

Articles are in English, Kiswahili or the East African Sheng'. We apologise for the inconvenience.

3. No Sexual Content.

All articles are “PG-13.”

4. Choose Your Words Wisely.

We have an issue with curse words, because we believe the English language is rich in vocabulary to express oneself. Sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, and broad, offensive generalizations about groups of people are not present.

5. Provide Sources For Content That is Not Your Own.

We accredit all photos used. Links to illegal downloads or content are prohibited.

6. Tag a Friend.

We have believe is basic HTML and web browser technology for sharing and linking.

7. No Self-Promotion.

"Self-promotion" is an attempt to redirect traffic from Afroshok to your personal blog, Youtube channel, Disqus channel, etc. This will be allowed only on these conditions:

(a). “Tutorials” and Feedback: We want to encourage people to share their knowledge and solutions on Youtube, Vimeo channels, CodePen, Github, Bitbucket accounts, and most tech blogs.

(b).Copyleft Permission: We love our friends.

Generally, Afroshok is a website that belongs to Jimmy Gitonga, @afrowave on Twiiter.

Thank you.

For looking through this website and reading this policy document. You are one of the good people.