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Vic Ndula - The website

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I met Vic Ndula in 2006 while doing some video editing work at Jacaranda Designs when they were at Peponi Plaza, Westlands. He was working in the art department for the publications that Jacaranda produced.

Victor was a freelance editorial cartoonist for “Pen Knife” a satirical insert in the East African Standard newspaper. He wanted to go into freelance work full time. If I had a client who wanted illustrations, Victor was the guy. Professional, laid back and yet thorough, Victor did his work and he was involved in many local and international cartoon exhibitions. He is the recipient of local and international cartoon awards.

There is one thing I learnt from Victor. When I want to sketch, I begin to sketch before I have a real idea of what I finally want. When I think about it, I think through my concept while drawing and I have always done this since I was in school.

When working on a concept, Victor would seat back and think about it for an hour or more. He would not talk to anyone during that time while everything else is happening around him. The moment he begins drawing, he does so from a complete picture in his mind, layout, pencil lines, the outline, adding stroke thickness, inking and dialogue. Boom!

In 2007 Victor and I became part of the TingaTinga Tales “TV pilot” team at the new Homeboyz Animation Studio. Once it was over, we divided into learning animation in then Macromedia Flash. This is the animation he produced while at it. I did the audio, sound effects and final edit. Music from Victor’s own collection.

Victor had a large collection of work that was spread across the Web. We talked about building a website where all this work would be found, neatly showing his breadth, all in one place. Victor gave me the pictures and I put up a test site. As we were working to finish it off, and Victor got a call from The Star and he directed them to the website. On seeing his work, he got hired on the spot. As Victor puts it, “not having the site would have been a deal breaker”.

This article’s main picture was the landing page that he created for the site. Here is the portfolio page:

We never ended up finishing the website, but I was happy for him. This was the outcome we wanted. Surely what is a website for?

Victor started working at the Star newspaper, where he is to date. He is an artist who inspires many and his work reveals that he is very perceptive about the country Kenya and the world around us.

Hmm, or maybe we should get him interested in putting together a book, a collector's edition ...

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