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Sunesis Consulting Brand Identity

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I got to know Patrick just after university and kept into touch with him as he went from being a trainer at a local college. Over the years he has become one the best guys I know in automating Microsoft Excel. After building the “ICT for Business” department in a partnership he was in, he left to form his own company.

“Jimmy, can you do the logo and stationary for me to get me started? I have some prospective clients to send proposals to”. One of these clients was a big oil company of French origin where he had undertaken a lot of work while in the previous company. “What is the name of your new company?”

“Sunesis”, from a Greek word meaning, ‘a mental putting together of knowledge or understanding, i.e. intelligence or the intellect.’ “Sunesis Consulting”. So Patrick was starting a business that would allow clients to gain insight from the data they have, to gain enlightenment. This was before the name ‘Business Intelligence’ was en vogue. Entrepreneur Ambition, CHECK!

I took this to be the brief. What I wanted was an overall understanding of direction that Patrick wanted his business to move to as company grew. So he would help companies to, 1) organise their information, 2) visualise this information and 3) process the information for business insights. This also meant offering training to the staff who are tasked with making sure these solutions work for top management.

This was in late 2005.

The logo design

It is always easier to begin with the word or words when developing a logo. This allows you to focus on the “feel” that you want to establish. We started at the typography. We definitely wanted a “serif” font to project a formal business base. But the font had to allow a bit of room for movement, not too strict, as I thought of how Patrick delivered his training work. “Americana BT” was the first font on my list that gave this kind of feel.

I added a contrasting “sans serif” to logo tag line, since without the tagline, it would be difficult to say what the company does. Even the position of how the words appeared in the tagline mattered. “Training” appearing first meant that enquiries would be about training in information systems. And then last word meant that the training can happen anywhere, at the office, at a seminar or affiliate college.

I added a contrast colour and sent this to Patrick to begin officially. He needed to send out a flurry of correspondence.

Patrick wanted to be globally recognised, now that the clients he was working with were global brands. So there had to be an element of “going global”. I then created the logo monogram to express this idea. The idea was “enlightenment going around the world”.

These were the choices I gave. The “3D sphere” look was the trend then.

This was the alternative one used without the tagline.

With experience now, I can tell that this design had a problem with balance and tone. The version with the tagline being most unbalanced. The tagline became hard to read at a certain size.

Version 1.1

10 years later, everything in the digital media and the Internet had changed. Sunesis Consulting had grown. We could drop the tagline. I also had the opportunity to build a new website for Sunesis Consulting that would to take the company into another 10 years of growth. So I retained the same elements and made a presentation to the staff who had come into the company over time.

The narrative was “enlightenment taken (by humans) across the globe”. We pruned the sun corona, changed the font to be a lot more formal and balanced the logo.

This is the logo that is being used across the brand collateral and the website.

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