Strategy, Brand and UX for SMEs and Civic Organizations in 2019

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2017 was a year that delivered big on surprises. Trump completed his first ... READ MORE

UnBounded: Boniface Mwangi's Book Design

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Wednesday, 23rd March 2016

My phone rattled. “Niaje?”

Vic Ndula - The website

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I met Vic Ndula in 2006 while doing some video editing ... READ MORE

The Past, Present & Future of Digital Nyika

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In conversation with Jimmy Gitonga: How to fix an aircraft in mid-air!

Jimmy, ... READ MORE

Designing a MySQL database using the Command Line Interface — Part 2

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At the very onset of my building the backend of web sites and ... READ MORE

Designing a MySQL database using MySQL Workbench

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If you have just stepped in, please have a look at the first ... READ MORE

Designing a MySQL database using the Command Line Interface — Part 1

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MySQL has an interesting story. Even with the purchase of MySQL by ... READ MORE

Sweet Animation to Strong Coffee

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I have three "creative" loves. I love graphic design, animation and web development. I ... READ MORE

How we use Merlin, Affinity Designer, After Effects, InVision and Atlassian

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I recently read this article by Lewis Ngugi, an exceptional UX consultant ... READ MORE

Be a Genius

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I met Catherine in early 2011. She was looking for someone who ... READ MORE

Test Driven Development with Pytest

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I made a decision that I will build my own website and all the ... READ MORE

Magic Makeover

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“I have a job for you”.

I turned as ... READ MORE

Sunesis Consulting Website

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We developed the first basic website for Sunesis Consulting in 2008. ... READ MORE

Sunesis Consulting Brand Identity

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I got to know Patrick just after university and kept into touch with him ... READ MORE